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Old Videos Of Their Divorce Coming Out

Old Videos Of Their Divorce Coming Out

Once upon a time, there were no records of history. Anybody could have said anything, and after some time, alliances would have happened between the parties, and people would have forgotten what happened in between those parties in the past.

But this is the digital era. Everything is alive with evidence. TDP-BJP has the honor of having allied together several times, gone through divorces, and re-allied again.

The worst thing is that whenever TDP had a split, it has attacked the BJP. It's all recorded by pro-TDP media.

Pawan Kalyan's words stating "Ladenge Ladenge.." in fury against BJP are still alive.

Chandrababu's words criticizing BJP in the most bitter way possible, with audacity, are also alive and circulating on social media.

Several anti-Modi news stories were cooked up in the yellow media. The videos of Modi criticizing Chandrababu are also circulating. A video showing Modi describing Chandrababu's popularity only in backstabbing is also circulating now.

At this time, all the old videos are resurfacing and entertaining. Many voters are getting confused about whether certain videos showing Chandrababu criticizing Modi are old or new. This situation is going to create a big problem for the TDP-BJP alliance.


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