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Now, Telugu Is A Must In AP Schools

Now, Telugu Is A Must In AP Schools

The State government is getting ready to introduce English medium in all its schools from the 2020-21 academic year starting in June 2020.

Though there is stiff resistance from the opposition and a section of the media against the English medium in the government schools, the government had introduced a legislation making English medium compulsory in all the government schools.

The media and the opposition TDP had to come to terms with the government with the people supporting the government in the issue.

Now, while preparing the ground for the English medium in the government schools in the primary sections, it had issued orders on Friday making Telugu compulsory in all schools in the State.

The GO Ms 89, issued on December 13 says that every school in the State, including the corporate schools, has to strictly implement Telugu or Urdu as compulsory subject.

Hitherto, the private schools in the State have not been teaching Telugu in any class. Telugu and Urdu are taught only in the government schools, where the children from the poor families are admitted and educated.

Now, with the new GO, the private schools in the State would have to teach Telugu as compulsory subject, much to the chagrin of the critics.

Jaganmohan Reddy government had thus won the battle against his critics on English medium, good for the people and victory for the government.


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