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Naidu's Rs 120 cr dole to Nama, penalty waived off

Naidu's Rs 120 cr dole to Nama, penalty waived off

TDP president and AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu seems to have intensified his 'Mission Commission' to benefit his henchmen towards the end of his tenure as AP CM.

While AP Assembly polls are just two months away, Naidu has been clearing files on a fast track basis, especially those pertaining to those who serves his monetary and political interests.

In latest such instance, Naidu cleared a file to benefit TDP leader and former Khammam MP Nama Nageshwar Rao, who is a big contractor.

The TDP government handed over Polavaram project works to BSR Constructions owned by Nama.

The tender was originally given for Rs 196 crore as part of sixth package of Polavaram works. But Nama's firm could complete works worth Rs only Rs 112 crore so far.

Despite this, an additional Rs 120 crore was given to firm towards cost adjustment later.

The TDP government had withdrawn Rs 70 crore from the contract for failing to meet the deadline earlier.

With this, Nama's firm was left with only Rs 13 crore works till January this year.

But suddenly Naidu decided to give few more works to Nama after he met Naidu and made a request.

Shockingly, the value of Rs 13 crore leftover works in Polavaram package six of Nama's company was suddenly increase to Rs 153 crore.

This gave undue benefit to Nama's company to the tunu of Rs 140 crore.

Instead of imposing penalty on the company for not completing the works within stipulated deadlines, the TDP government gave incentive to Nama's company.

This sudden development before polls led to allegations that this was done only to benefit Nama and seek commissions in return for TDP to mobilise funds for Assembly polls.



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