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Naidu's Growing Frustration Becomes Apparent

Naidu's Growing Frustration Becomes Apparent

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu appears to be experiencing severe frustration.

Despite being re-elected as Chief Minister for the fourth time, which should bring him immense joy, he seems to be in an inexplicable state of irritation. He has been lashing out at both officials and opponents.

Even during media sessions and Power Point presentations, he gets visibly annoyed with reporters' questions.

He has harsh words for former Chief Minister Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, calling him names like "lunatic" and "dictator."

Naidu believes that since Jagan has been defeated, he can say anything about him without consequence. While political rivals can be criticized, let’s set that aside for now.

During a PowerPoint presentation, if technical issues arise, he loses his temper. When asked about the construction of Amaravati, he retorted, "I don’t know, you tell me what to do."

When questioned about visiting Polavaram every Monday, he sarcastically replied, "What’s there to visit in Polavaram anymore?"

A reporter asked about the allegations that sand is being sold despite claims of free distribution, and Naidu’s irritation was evident.

He sarcastically remarked, "Do they expect me to personally deliver sand to their homes and build houses for them?"

He didn't stop there, adding, "We said people could transport sand using bullock carts, tractors, or even carry it on their heads. Who said no?" His comments ignored the fact that government regulations are different.

The state’s poor financial situation and the numerous promises that need to be fulfilled seem to have left Naidu in a difficult position.

This is why his frustration and anger are so apparent, according to TDP leaders.


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