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Naidu still waiting at Shah's doorstep!

Naidu still waiting at Shah's doorstep!

The so-called seat sharing negotiations between Telugu Desam Party and the Bharatiya Janata Party for the Andhra Pradesh elections appears to be an unending saga.

Naidu, who has left the battlefield in the state and been camping in New Delhi in the name of negotiations with the BJP national leadership for an alliance, is said to be getting frustrated over the stubborn stand of the saffron leaders over the number of seats.

The party leaders back home are getting impatient with Naidu waiting at the doorstep of Union home minister Amit Shah for finalising the alliance.

On Friday, the TDP chief got the indication that he would be called for the talks at 11 am, but he had to wait till 10.30 pm till he got the call.

“Even at such an odd hour, Amit Shah did not give him much time and asked him to stay back for another day to complete the talks. This has apparently made Naidu upset, though he did not show up on his face before the BJP leaders,” sources said.

The TDP president reportedly told his party colleagues during a teleconference from Delhi that the BJP was asking for a little too much from the TDP.

While Naidu was ready to give five MP seats to the BJP, Shah reportedly asked for 11 MP seats – half of the 22 seats left with Naidu after allotting three MP seats to the Jana Sena Party.

At the same time, the BJP is also learnt to have demanded 20 assembly seats. Moreover, the BJP is asking for those seats where the TDP is strong. But Naidu turned down the demand of the BJP, rather politely.

Though Wednesday’s reports said the TDP chief is willing to give five Lok Sabha seats and six assembly seats to the BJP, he has finally agreed for six Lok Sabha seats and 12 assembly seats.

“If the BJP is still adamant, Naidu may return to Vijayawada without striking any deal,” sources said.


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