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It's Naidu-sponsored invasion on Vizag!

It's Naidu-sponsored invasion on Vizag!

The proposed Amaravati to Arasavilli padayatra by the farmers of the capital region of Amaravati is aimed at invading Visakhapatnam, senior YSR Congress party leader and Andhra Pradesh industries minister Gudivada Amarnath said.

“What the farmers are planning to taking out is not a “padayatra” asking for retaining Amaravati as the capital city, but an invasion on Visakhapatnam, demanding that it should not be made the state executive capital,” he said.

Amarnath said the people of north-coastal Andhra Pradesh would not allow any padayatra to pass through the area.

“They won’t accept Amaravati as the capital, as they are firm on developing Visakhapatnam as the executive capital city,” he said.

Stating that the YSRC government is committed to formation of three capitals for equal development of all regions, the minister said there was no question of going back on the policy.

“At any cost, Visakhapatnam would become the executive capital and Kurnool the judicial capital,” he asserted.

“Since we are developing Visakhapatnam as executive capital, the padayatra is aimed at creating a tense situation in the north coastal Andhra, thereby stalling its development,” he alleged.

Amarnath alleged that Naidu had proposed Amaravati only for his selfish interests.

“The so-called agitation is confined only for development of 29 villages. But we are aiming at developing the entire state,” he said.

He said if there were any law and order issues in north coastal Andhra due to the padayatra, only Naidu would be held responsible.

“He is conspiring to create a law and order situation. We shall not allow any invasion of our region. We are going to introduce the three capitals’ bill, come what may,” he said.


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