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Fact Sheet: Everyone's Target is Jagan!

Fact Sheet: Everyone's Target is Jagan!

In Andhra Pradesh, the political scene is quite unusual. Everyone seems to have Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy as their target.

From TDP, Jana Sena, BJP, Congress, to even the left parties, all consider Y S Jagan their enemy. It seems that everyone will sleep peacefully only if Jagan is removed from the political landscape of Andhra Pradesh.

Now, Andhra Pradesh Congress President Sharmila has extended her support to these forces to politically oust Jagan.

On the 8th of this month, Sharmila grandly organized YSR's birth anniversary celebrations in Mangalagiri.

During this event, Telangana CM Revanth Reddy made bold statements, saying that a by-election is imminent in Kadapa, and he would personally campaign against Jagan, starting the Congress victory from YSR's birthplace.

YSRCP cadres and his supporters recall Revanth Reddy's past comments when he was a TDP leader, criticizing YSR harshly.

Furthermore, YSR's fans were hurt by Revanth Reddy's past remarks as the Telangana CM in an interview with a prominent media head, where he implied that YSR was taken away by nature for his wrong deeds.

Revanth seems to have forgotten that whatever YSR did as CM was for the benefit of the Congress party.

Revanth Reddy's statements vary depending on the platform.

When addressing Reddy community gatherings, he emphasizes that only his community is fit to rule, showing his unique ability to adapt his rhetoric.

But who benefits politically by bringing Revanth Reddy to criticize Jagan? Perhaps, it’s only Chandrababu who might find joy in the idea of defeating Jagan in Kadapa!

Due to the dominance of coalition-friendly media, left leaders and Congress leaders often speak in favor of the media's preferred party during discussions.

Analysts invited to these media channels often reflect the same bias. Leaders like Ghafoor, Ramakrishna, and K. Narayana from the left continue to criticize Jagan despite their own electoral defeats.

How should one view this?

Even though there's a BJP coalition government in AP, which the left ideologically opposes, they seem comfortable.

Is it possible for all political parties in AP to fulfill their wish of removing Jagan from the political scene? That remains a question.


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