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Election Fever: All Are Busy Except One

Election Fever: All Are Busy Except One

In this election season, everyone in Andhra Pradesh politics is busy with their activities at the grassroots level. The most senior figure in politics, Chandrababu Naidu, along with the younger ones, Jagan, Sharmila, and Lokesh, are all focused on the elections.

Regarding Chandrababu Naidu, he participated in the 'Ra Kadalira' meeting in Srikakulam, which was heavily attended. The TDP-Jana Sena coalition is facing internal turmoil, and Chandrababu gave a clarion call for an end to the YCP regime calling it anarchic.

Jagan, on the other hand, is occupied with the development initiatives in the Kuppam constituency. He proudly announced the successful irrigation program, bringing Krishna river water from the Srisailam project, as promised earlier.

Sharmila expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the activists, leaders, and fans of YSR who gathered for the 'Nyayasadhana' meeting in Anantapur under the leadership of AICC President Mr. Mallikarjuna Kharge. She criticized both the TDP and YCP for failing to fulfill promises and curry favoring the Modi government ignoring the state's welfare.

Nara Lokesh is actively engaged in inviting YSRCP rebel leaders to join TDP.

However, the highlight is Pawan Kalyan, who seems to be enjoying a relaxed and luxurious time, not heavily involved in day-to-day incidents. There have been incidents, like the attack on Nadendla Manohar by Janasena activists in Tadepallipudem, where Pawan Kalyan remained unavailable for comment or intervention.

Instead, he moved to Hyderabad, taking pictures with politicians joining Janasena, seemingly leaving the management of his political affairs to Chandrababu and Nadendla.


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