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Distressed Naga Babu In 'Mounavratam'

Distressed Naga Babu In 'Mounavratam'

There was considerable speculation surrounding Naga Babu's potential candidacy for the Lok Sabha seat from Anakapalli.

Naga Babu also has made some hungama in Anakapalli parliamentary constituency for a few days. He stayed at Achyutapuram and prepared for campaign. 

Additionally, there have been reports of Pawan visiting Konatala Ramakrishna's residence, spending two hours, and urging him to ensure his brother's victory by any means.

However, the situation has taken a different turn eventually. Controversy erupted in TDP over allocating the Anakapalli MLA and MP seats to Jana Sena. At that huncture, the reports emerged indicating that Naga Babu may not get his desired ticket. 

Following this, with the allaince of BJP and distribution of seats, Pawan Kalyan had to sacrifice some MP and MLA seats given to Janasena by TDP. In the process, as per sources, it is clear that Naga Babu has no place to contest from Janasena this time. 

Against this backdrop, Naga Babu appears to have become silent. Sources say that he is hiding and not answering calls and refraining from engaging with others.

Within a day or two, clarity is expected regarding the distribution of candidacies.

Observing Jana Sena's selection of candidates and the public receptions held, Naga Babu is still hopeful if he stands a chance of contesting this time.


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