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Danayya Signs Natural Star Nani

Danayya Signs Natural Star Nani

Producer Danayya is picky about new projects. He had planned to produce a film with Prabhas, but he backed out for reasons only he knows.

Danayya had also announced a film with Megastar Chiranjeevi to be directed by Venky Kudumula, but Chiranjeevi didn't like the script, and the film was shelved.

After two failed attempts, Danayya is under pressure to announce a new film, and he paid a large sum of money to sign Nani.

Nani is currently filming his 30th feature and will take up Danayya's production by the end of the year. The director of "Brochevarevarura," Vivek Athreya, will direct this new film.

Despite the fact that "Ante Sundaraniki," directed by Vivek Athreya and starring Nani, was a flop, Nani is working with him again.


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