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Chandrababu's Desperation Has No Limits

Chandrababu's Desperation Has No Limits

Chandrababu Naidu, the senior most politician who boasts himself as the three times Chief Minister, was on a tour to Thailand with fanily members on the occassion of New Year. 

But he aborted the trip midway, ran away from that place and landed in Vijayawada. 

Here is the reason.

He got a message that Vangaveeti Radha is showing inclination towards YCP and if he is not placated he will pluck his flag and hoist on YCP fort.

Chandrababu considered this as the biggest mishap and so landed in Vijayawada to butter Radha.

This shows how desperate is Chandrababu. He has become so weak and vulnerable mentally that he is not ready to lose even a small brick of support.

But what he has to understand is that everybody among Kapus know who killed the most powerful leader Vangaveeti Mohana Ranga in later 1980s. If Radha joins a group which is the reaeon for that murder, then it will be detrimental for both Radha and that group.

Leaving this fundemental, Chandrababu running behind Radha is ludicrous.


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