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C M Ramesh in forgery case?

C M Ramesh in forgery case?

BJP Rajya Sabha MP CM Ramesh an industrialist and a known politician in Andhra Pradesh is accused of being involved in a Forgery case of Rs 450 Crores in a PCL joint Venture company partnered with tollywood Hero Venu(well known actor).

News surfaced when Kavuri Bhaskar Rao (son of Samba Siva Rao-senior BJP leader, ex-union minister) has filed a case against CM Ramesh in Jubilee Hills Police Station on behalf of Hero Venu.

The complainant is also seeking a CBI enquiry regarding the same to extract indepth evidences on this case.

CM Ramesh, who is infamous for siphoning crores of Rupees through shell companies was earlier in TDP and also a close aide of Chandra Babu Naidu.

It was also known that CM Ramesh played a key role in setting the TDP, BJP alliance on track. 

Alongside with this, it has also come to notice that CM Ramesh's family owned Rithwik Projects Private Limited Company has donated a sum of Rs 45 Crores to multiple political parties:  INC - 30 Crores, JDS - 10 Crores and TDP - 5 Crores through Electoral Bonds.

This company bagged the ₹1,098-crore Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract for the Sunni hydroelectric project from the government of Himachal Pradesh. CM Ramesh's son Rithwik Raj is the President- Operations of this company. 

All these facts indicate that the MP with his strong ties with Multiple political parties is the kingpin of various scams and is continuing to do such scams under the shelter of tall political stakeholders at the National and State Level.

A CBI enquiry could furthermore surface the unhidden facts of this Mammoth.


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