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Brahmins Fuming With Anger On TDP

Brahmins Fuming With Anger On TDP

The leaders of the Brahmin community have called for the Brahmins to defeat the Telugu Desam Party in the upcoming elections. They remind that the Telugu Desam Party under the leadership of Chandrababu did not give a single seat to the Brahmins.

Moreover, they say that it was Babu's big mistake to allot East Godavari district P Gannavaram ticket to Mahasena Rajesh, who spoke in a way that insulted Brahmins.

They demanded immediate withdrawal of the ticket given to Mahasena Rajesh.

Shrama Shakti awardee VV Vamanarao from Visakha strongly criticized that it is a shame to allocate TDP ticket to Mahasena Rajesh, who openly insulted the Brahmin community by saying that he would give lakhs of rupees as reward if any scheduled caste person marry upper caste girls, especially Brahmin girls. He also promised that he would settle the lives of such guys in foreign lands. 

Vamana Rao rued that through such actions, Telugu Desam Party has once again exposed its callousness towards Brahmins.

He reminded the past that Chandrababu had no real regard for the Brahmin social class from the beginning. He never included the Brahmins in his long political career and did not work for their development, Vaman Rao said. 

Moreover, he questioned how to understand giving tickets to those who insulted Brahmins. He said that Chandrababu's loyalty towards Brahmins has once again come out by encouraging the ones who insulted Brahmins in the elections.

Chandrababu Naidu immediately realized his mistake and demanded Chandrababu to cancel the ticket allotted to Rajesh.

Otherwise, he warned that the entire Brahmin community will not back down to defeat Telugu Desam candidates in the upcoming elections in 175 constituencies.

He asked the Telugu Desam Party to take appropriate action immediately if it has any respect towards the Brahmin community. Several Brahmin communities are also expressing concern on this matter.


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