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BJP Sources: Modi's Views On CBN

BJP Sources: Modi's Views On CBN

Sources within the BJP indicate that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's resentment towards Chandrababu Naidu persists, with Modi still recalling past insults and remarks about him and his wife. 

It appears that Modi has been briefed on Jagan's enduring influence in Andhra Pradesh and his well-organized voter base. 

In this context, Modi is reportedly aiming to secure as many Lok Sabha seats as possible to weaken Chandrababu. 

According to reports, out of the six Lok Sabha seats allocated to the BJP, all 42 assembly constituencies under them are expected to favor YCP. BJP factions assert that there's little chance of winning any of the 21 seats already allocated to Janasena. 

Intelligence sources suggest that the BJP-Janasena-TDP alliance could improve Jagan's prospects in over 70 assembly seats. Nevertheless, these sources claim that Modi won't suffer any setbacks from Jagan's victory in AP.


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