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AP Elections: Changing Trend Of 'Betting Batch'

AP Elections: Changing Trend Of 'Betting Batch'

Elections are underway and betting has begun. Similar to the stock market an activity has been going on.

Each day, betting agencies determine the odds for each party, which are closely followed. 

Since the commencement of the election frenzy in Andhra Pradesh, the Telugu Desam Party's social media has been buzzing.

Despite what you may gather from magazines and news channels, it might seem like the Telugu Desam Party has already secured victory. 

However, betting operators have their own assessments, which are grounded in periodic reports.

Recently, there has been a shift in betting odds favoring YCP over the past week. Previously, before the election fervor, the Telugu Desam Party had a slight edge. 

It appears that alliance formations, the BJP's entry into the fray, and issues surrounding ticket distribution have significantly altered the landscape.

Additionally, the impact of Jagan's campaigning is noteworthy. There are reports suggesting changes in betting calculations as well.

The challenge lies in the fluctuating results of nationwide Lok Sabha seat surveys. Surveys that previously predicted YCP to secure seven seats have revised their estimates to ten.

Candidate selections and seat allocations, particularly the increased allocation to the BJP, are driving these changes. Consequently, betting odds are also adjusting accordingly.


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