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Andhra Pradesh Wins Government Of India Award

Andhra Pradesh Wins Government Of India Award

The AP Forest Development Corporation Limited, a fully-owned company of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Its primary mission is to cultivate plantations to fulfill the demands of wood-based and forest-based industries, while also actively promoting ecotourism.

APFDC boasts the distinction of being the largest cultivator of various plantations, including 35,000 hectares of Eucalyptus, yielding an average annual production of 4 lakh metric tonnes. 

Additionally, it manages 6,000 hectares of Cashew, 4,000 hectares of Coffee and Pepper, 2,500 hectares of Bamboo, 825 hectares of Teak, and approximately 1,000 hectares of various other miscellaneous species plantations. APFDC also acts as an agency to trade Beedi Leaf and Red Sanders Wood.

Under the dynamic leadership of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, APFDC has made significant strides in exporting Red Sanders Wood in log form to foreign countries and has been honored with the prestigious "TOP EXPORT AWARD OF CAPEXIL" by the Government of India.

Amidst fierce competition involving about 4000 private and public companies across India, Andhra Pradesh emerged victorious and received an award.

Among the states, only Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu received awards from the government.

Devender Reddy, the Chairman of APFDC (AP Forest Development Corporation) Ltd., received the Export Award from Capexil, a recognition bestowed upon Andhra Pradesh by the Government of India.


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