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AJ Also Confirms Pawan As 'Dattaputrudu'

AJ Also Confirms Pawan As 'Dattaputrudu'

In February 2013, Andhra Jyothy reported that KCR offered a Rs 1000 Cr package to Pawan Kalyan to switch his loyalties from TDP to BRS. The daily strongly painted the image of Pawan as the 'package star.'

Now, the same media house has once again criticized him, referring to him as 'dattaputrudu' in one of its news stories.

While it is common for YCP leaders to call Pawan 'dattaputrudu' of CBN, ABN itself using this term is akin to a backstab to Pawan.

Every time Pawan Kalyan displays his audacity or confidence, ABN runs a story against him or pokes him, seemingly attempting to keep him in control.

Many view this as a response to Pawan Kalyan's announcement of going independent regardless of an alliance with TDP in Razole and Rajanagaram constituencies. 

In fact, Nagababu also poked TDP groups in his tweet, stating that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, referring to Newton's third law.

It is believed that he tweeted this with the opinion that TDP is not following alliance principles, leading Pawan to make his announcement regarding Razole and Rajanagaram.

If this is Newton's third law according to Nagababu, ABN is continuing the same third law by calling Pawan 'dattaputrudu.'

All in all, the egoistic tug of war between TDP and Janasena and their allied groups is amusing and alarming to witness, especially when both parties are in alliance with each other.

How can they navigate together with such insecurities and a lack of trust between each other, towards elections and thereafter? It remains a significant question.


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