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Administrative Reforms, Jagan's Style

Administrative Reforms, Jagan's Style

The Andhra Pradesh state is witnessing a major administrative reform, which will be rolled out on October 2, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, who had a dream for Gram Swaraj.

The State government will start introducing Village Secretariats from October 2, where the government employees are available for the people at their door step.

People need not travel to the mandal headquarters to get things done by the officials, where Tahasildar is presiding over the administration.

The administrative reform, this way was first introduced by late N T Rama Rao, who scrapped the Taluq system and brought in the Mandal system.

The Taluqs, which were too far, 50 km in some cases, were not in the reach of the people.

They were divided into at least four mandals and thus NTR brought the administration to the range of 5 km from the 50 km. NTR is now remembered for this reform, besides others.

Moving one step forward on this line, Jaganmohan Reddy had taken the secretariat to the villages, where in every secretariat there will be the representatives of 12 to 14 departments attending to the services of the people. Thus the government had come as close as 500 meters for the households. 

This is one of the finest administrative reforms as the government had come down from 50 km before NTR to 500 meters in the regime of Jaganmohan Reddy.

However, it is to be seen how this nearest government serves the people. This would depend on how sincere and honest the employees are in doing their duties.

Finally, giving 1.26 lakh jobs, not outsourcing or contract, is a great move that requires to be appreciated, cutting across the political affiliations.



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