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'Ram Leela' Review: Test To Your Patience

Movie: Ram Leela
Rating: 1/5
 Ramadutha Creations
Cast: Havish, Abhijit, Nanditha, Ali, Saptagiri and Others
Music: Chinna
Editor: Karthika Srinivas
Cinematography: S Gopal Reddy
Producer: Dasari Kiran Kumar
Story, Screenplay and Direction: Sripuram Kiran
Release Date: Feb 27th, 2015

Sometimes you write reams about a film and at times you would want to simply say it one word. Now, that happens either when the film is extraordinary or on the other extreme, nothing short of torture. Of course, a glance at the rating would have given you a fair idea about how the film would be. Yet, since it is our job, let us explain in detail…

Okay let’s start off by giving you a fair picture of the storyline. Abhijeeti who lives in the US watches Nandita in a television dance show and he is floored by her performance which is a mix of a variety of dances. He immediately calls his parents in India and asks them to watch the performance. Surprisingly, they love the ‘weird dance’ and before one can blink Abhijeet flies to India, joins Nandita’s dance class, falls in love with her and marries her.

On Nandita’s insistence, Abhijeet gets a transfer to Malaysian branch. But once there, he gets the shock of his life when Nandita vanishes after leaving behind a piece of paper. Well, she tells him that she simply used him to go to her boyfriend in Malaysia.

A distressed Abhijeet then decides to go on his honeymoon, all by himself. That’s when he meets playboy Haveesh. Though Abhijeet yearns for Nandita, you can make out that Haveesh is the boyfriend of Nandita and Haveesh even discloses the climax the moment he enters the scene.

So after reading the story you can well imagine the torture one is put through in the name of Ramleela. It is surprising that director Sripuram Kiran has made such effort to put across a story that is unintentionally scary.

And to add to the confusion, there is petrol-guzzling Ali’s character and multiple-personality Saptagiri’s character which adds more mirchi to your injury. All the three characters are totally confusing and one cannot decipher why the director chose to pick such a story in the first place. Also, to give a message to the younger generation, dishing out a story that is almost 25 years old is really amusing to say the least.

Nandita who had scored good marks with her first film puts in a half-baked performance, so one has to refrain from writing about others. Gopala Reddy’s cinematography is only worth mentioning and one feels bad for the producer for pumping in so money into this kind of film.

Walk in only if you have the courage to sit through.

Bottomline: Ram, what's your Leela?

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