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'Naruda DONORuda' Review: Spoiled Seed!

'Naruda DONORuda' Review: Spoiled Seed!

Movie: Naruda DONORuda
Rating: 2/5
Rama Reels, SS Creations 
Cast: Sumanth, Pallavi Subhash, Tanikella Bharani, Suman Shetty, Sri Lakshmi, Bhadram, Jabardasth Seshu, Sunkara Lakshmi, Pushpa, Chalapathi Raju
Cinematographer: Shaniel Deo
Music: Sricharan Pakala 
Editor: Karthika Srinivas 
Art Director: Ram Arasavelli 
Producers: Y Supriya and John Sudheer Pudhota
Director: Mallik Ram
Release date: November 4, 2016

One of the most popular Bollywood movies recently that touched a delicate subject of sperm donation was ‘Vicky Donor’. Despite its adult content, the story was handled with so much humor and emotion, and it won many laurels. So many producers tried to remake it in Telugu but couldn’t find the hero to perform this role. When Sumanth came forward to do it, this film materialized.

The Telugu version’s trailer too evoked good response and promised a faithful and entertaining remake. So, has the Telugu remake lived up to the promise shown in the trailer, let’s find out…

Vicky (Sumanth) doesn’t do any work for a living but spends time in a jolly manner and lives with widowed mother (Sri Lakshmi) and grandmother in a middle class locality in Hyderabad.

One day, a fertility doctor Anjaneyulu (Tanikella Bharani) who is in search of healthy sperm donor spots Vicky. Initially Vicky doesn’t agree to the proposal but finally he relents to the doctor’s idea of becoming a sperm donor. This job provides him good money and he enjoys it but he keeps his profession as a secret from everyone.

Trouble begins when he falls in love with an Ashima Roy (Pallavi), a Bengali bank employee. After marrying her, a twist in their life puts him on an emotional journey.

Artistes’ Performances:
Sumanth has done neat job. Although his comedy act is awkward, rest of the performance is fine. For the role of his lover-wife, a better looking heroine should have been selected. Newcomer Pallavi Subash lacks beauty.

Tanikella Bharani has gone overboard in many scenes but he has provided enough comedy with his constant stress on the word “Vithanam” for ‘sperm’. Sri Lakshmi and Suman Shetty get noticed. 

Technical Excellence: 
The movie has cheap production values and low technical standards. Seems that entire movie is wrapped up in and around Annapurna Studios and Seven acres and made with the students of Akkineni Film School.

The artwork and cinematography is very basic. Music by Pakala is in contrast to the movie’s theme. Music is major letdown. Editing is okay. 

Concept of the movie
Some comedy and dialogues

Cheap production and technical values
Dragging portions
Lengthy pellichoopulu cum wedding scene
Dragging second half
Dull narration

The basic concept is so good.  It is remake of highly appreciated Bollywood flick “Vicky Donor” directed by Soojith Sircar.

When the film was released in Hindi, from critics to general audiences all went ga-ga over it for its freshness in story and treatment.

The Telugu remake is almost xerox copy of the movie in terms of story, scenes and dialogues but this one doesn’t even attain 50 percent of the original. The Telugu makers have remade the movie, but not brought the same feel.

One reason why the movie lacks effectiveness is the director’s lack of experience (this is first movie) and bad casting.

While Sumanth himself is not suited for the role, and the heroine is totally miscast. She is not at all appealing. Not that all lead actresses are should be beautiful, but she seems complete misfit in the character performed by the beautiful Yami Gautham. 

Regarding issues with the execution, the movie gives us a feeling of a TV serial with low production values; entire story happening in tight controlled locations.  

The movie begins on a shaky note. It bores us in the very beginning. Then towards the interval it turns funny, with good dose of humor coming on frequently. But this is due to content of the original movie itself.

Two women – Sumanth’s mother and Grandmother – sharing a drink in the night is quite funny too. And Sumanth’s initial inhibitions in dealing with sperm donation, his inability to execute it on first day and only performing after playing some porn CD’s …all these are handled with lot of humor.

But the romantic track between Sumanth and Pallavi is handled very badly. It is quite boring. Even their breakup scene post marriage when the truth is revealed is handled in lethargic manner. The second half has low highs, high lows. 

The new director’s lack of experience in direction is visible in many situations. Many effective scenes in Hindi have turned out to be pretty dull here.

Tanikella Bharani proves to be the main pillar to the movie. He has brought energy to several episodes. Although Sumanth is fitted in the character, his naturally sluggish acting doesn’t suit to this movie. The film needs an actor who is more energetic. So the casting is also major issue. 

Despite good concept, the movie fails on all fronts as the remake is treated pathetically. Overall, the team has remained faithful to the original content but has failed to bring the same verve here. It turns out to be dull vithanam and the seed never blooms at any moment. 

Bottom-line: Low Quality Seed!