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'Hora Hori' Review: What A Bore!

Movie: Hora Hori    
Rating: 1.5/5
Sri Ranjith Movies
Cast: Dileep, Daksha, Chaswa, Seema and others
Music: Kalyani Koduri
Lyrics: Peddada Murthy
Cinematography: Deepak Bhagavant
Editor: Junaid
Producers:  K L Damodara Prasad 
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: Teja 
Release Date: September 11, 2015

Director Teja, popularly known for making love stories with fresh faces, is making comeback with Hora Hori. The trailers, the songs, and his controversial statements have hit the headlines, thereby creating buzz around the film. So, has Teja really made a movie that can hit the jackpot at the box-office this time? Let’s find out..

The story starts off in Hyderabad with a murder at a crossroad in Hyderabad and it takes Channakesave Basaweshwara (Chaswa) to the house of local ACP to get the case cleared. Here, he sets his eyes upon the sister of the ACP, Mythili (Daksha) who is getting married the next day. However, just in time of the marriage, the pundit at the wedding shoots the groom. Then, when her family tries to get her married to a software engineer, he too is killed as Chaswa swears to change her mind about him and marry her.

Well, Mythili is mentally disturbed after witnessing both the killings and she is taken to Agumbe for rest. Here, she meets Skanda (Dileep) who starts a computer centre along with his granny to win a inter-village competition.

So, will the village win the competition? Will Mythili reciprocate the love of Skanda? Will Skanda manage to win over his love? 

Artistes’ Performances:
Unlike in the past, when Teja’s newcomers went on to find a foothold in the industry, the lead cast of Hora Hori might find it a bit difficult to make a foothold.

Hora Hori is a small budget film and all cast is new, at least to Telugu film industry. While all them do try their best, most of their work is amateurish and reminds one of a telly serial.

Having said that, the hard work they must have put in is visible, though it is surely not on par with the requirements of commercial, Telugu cinema. 

Technical Excellence:
Even though it was shot on a limited budget the making values are decent. Much of the movie happens in rain backdrop and it was filmed in the beautiful locations of Agumbe of Karnataka.  

The cinematographer has captured these locales beautifully. Of Kalyani Koduri’s music, two songs are pretty good.

Editing is not up to the mark, the movie drags on and on. 


  • Cinematography
  • Some scenes here and there
  • Music


  • Pretty old storyline
  • Screenplay
  • Direction
  • Too lengthy to sit through
  • Hardly any new thing

Twelve or thirteen years ago, director Teja's movies rocked the then youth as he told teenage love stories with lilting music and fresh faces that connected well with the young audiences.

After the record breaking hit, Jayam, he started losing his grip on the narration and also is unable to understand  the pulse of the audiences.

Everyone and everything changed but not Teja. He seems to have still struck in his own concocted formula of Jayam. 

Hora Hora is set in picturesque place but the basic plot still resembles the same as of Jayam - an innocent boy, a somewhat wealthy girl, a villain who is fascinated to marry her and a rustic backdrop.

Teja uses up entire first half to build tension and the second half shows how the hero and heroine win over the villain, who by then turns more cruel.

Like kabaddi or cricket matches in some films, Teja uses computer keying skills as the bet, though it does not give any special push to the film.

In all, the film does have a decent concept and the choice of location matches the basic idea. But Teja totally fails when it comes to executing his idea and the film lacks drama and emotions necessary for a good and successful love story.

All in all, the movie proves once again that Teja is yet to come to terms with the changed environment of filmmaking and narrative styles. 

Bottomline: All Noise, No Show

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