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'Dev' Review: Dull Dev

'Dev' Review: Dull Dev

Movie: Dev
Rating: 2/5
Prince Pictures
Cast: Karthi, Rakul Preet Singh, Prakash Raj, Ramya Krishna, Nikki Galrani and others.
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography: R Velraj
Editor: Ruben 
Producers: S Lakshman Kumar, Tagore Madhu
Director: Rajath Ravishankar
Release date: Feb 14, 2019

After delivering a surprise hit with 'Khakee', Karthi and Rakul have paired up together again. Their new film 'Dev' has stirred some interest with its cool promotional material.

Let’s see how this film has fared up.

Dev (Karthi), son of a rich businessman, leads a happy life with no responsibilities entrusted upon him. He explores new places, chills out with friends. Upon his friends’ insistence, he sends a friend request to a random girl on Facebook.

The girl happens to be Meghana Padmavathy (Rakul), a top manager in an IT company in San Francisco.

She develops aversion towards men as her drunkard father left her mother when she was kid.

How these two persons attracted to each other and what problems they face is rest of the story

Artistes’ Performances:
Karthi best suits for cool young characters. As Dev, he is good. He is the only saving grace of this movie. Rakul as a corporate girl is good here.

Ramya Krishna as Rakul’s mother and Prakash Raj as Karthi’s father have played minor parts in the movie, they are wasted.

Technical Excellence:
The film has music by Harris Jayaraj and the senior music director has come up with routine tunes. Cinematography is rich and bright. The production values are superb. Dialogues are neat.


Flimsy story
Dragging narration
Bad direction

It is a surprise how did Karthi, who has sound judgment on scripts, agree to this bland and flimsy story. What has made him feel so excited? Neither the plot is interesting, nor his characterization.

Half an hour into the film, we get confirmation that the director has no enough material on hand, he is just playing with some vague ideas.

Entire first half is all about whether Rakul accept the friend request sought by Karthi on Facebook or not? And the intermission happens on a silly point.

Post-interval, they fall in love but she quarrels with him for another silly reason: she gets hurt because he’s busy with his work for four days when his father asked him to oversee some construction work and he didn’t give enough time to her. This flimsiest plot is told with unpardonable runtime of 158 minutes.

Both the characterizations of hero (a guy who wants to explore the world) and heroine (who doesn’t trust men easily because her father cheater her mother) have no novelty either. Neither the story drives the movie forward, nor the characterizations.

Moreover, the film is opened with Karthi’s friend who is a standup comedian narrating his friendship with Dev on stage but the standup comedy hardly evokes laughs.

Karthi has tried hard to lift the movie with his charm but the boring drama doesn’t allow him to succeed either. He is the only best part of this dull movie. This easily ranks among one of the lousiest movies.

All in all, “Dev” is insipid and bore. A big disappointment.

Bottom-line: What A Bore


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