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'Aa Okkadu' Review: Not Upto Expectations

'Aa Okkadu' Review: Not Upto Expectations

Film: Aa Okkadu
Banner: Tolly2Holly Films
Ajay, Madhurima, Suresh Gopi, Vijaya Chander, Nazar, Dharmavarapu, Sunil, Master Bharat, MS Narayana etc
Dialogues: Surendra Krishna
Art: Satayanarayana
Editing: Varma
Music: Mani Sharma
Producer: Ganesh Indukuri
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Murthy
Released On: 5TH June 2009

‘Aa Okkadu’, the much hyped debut of Ajay as hero has released today. Let us see how far the movie entertained the audiences and how far it would give push for Ajay as hero in future.

Dr Pavitra (Madhurima) is a psychiatrist who also helps police in digging out truth from criminals with sophisticated methods. Bongarala Bujji (Ajay), a young man works at criminal lawyer Sri Krishna (Suresh Gopi) as assistant. On the other hand, a crime story revolves around a fake swamiji in which Sri Krishna helps him to bail out as acquit.

Coming to the family front of Dr Pavitra, the husband of her elder sister keeps on disturbing. He asks for his young daughter who is being taken care by Pavitra. But Pavitra denies giving that girl to him as he is irresponsible and drunkard. Pavitra lives along with her father (Vijaya Chander) who was a retired magistrate.

A conspiracy develops around the family of Pavitra and it becomes hard to find out who the conspirer was. Someone wishes to destroy the family of Dr Pavitra holding an old revenge. Who could be that criminal? Is that Bujji? or Sri Krishna? or a suspicious mental patient? or any other? That forms the rest of the story.

Ajay’s performance in lead role is moderate. He proved that he fits better for negative roles but not for lead that requires portraying various expressions right from romance to comedy to action. He needs to focus more on his physical appearance with better grooming as well as vigorous hard work on expression if he wishes to continue in lead roles.

Madhurima pleased the eyes of audiences with her glamour. She is the only saving grace for this film that pulls audiences to theaters as well as keeps them tight to their seats.

Suresh Gopi’s appearance on screen brought a dubbing appeal for this film. It hardly added any positive note.

Vijaya Chander is ok as old father to heroine.

Comedians couldn’t bring bigger laughter due to weak script that didn’t gel with the chemistry of the movie. Although there are top notch comedians like Dharmavarapu, MS Narayana, Sunil and Master Bharat, only a countable laughs could be seen. The Mental Hospital comedy didn’t pump in required energy for the film.

Director proved his weakness in building up the screenplay. The film would have proved a very tough job for editor to play his role. Music by Mani Sharma is ok but the background score proved below average. Production values are ok.

The biggest minus for this film is its length. It proved a patience-tester for audiences with 2.45 hr length. And the screenplay is also not with pace and enticing factors. The film has no exciting moments those make audiences sit happily on seats.

First half of the movie makes audiences look at their watches to take a break at interval. Second half makes them look the faces of other audiences to share restlessness.

This so-called mystery drama is an age old formula. To a large extent it appears to be some line that brought from a couple of old Malayalam movies and stitched as single Telugu flick.

It has got weak appeal for audiences of any category. 

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