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2018 Review: Realistic Treat From Kerala

2018 Review: Realistic Treat From Kerala

Movie: 2018
Rating: 3/5
Kavya Film Company
Cast: Tovino Thomas, Kunchacko Boban, Asif Ali, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Lal,
Narain, Tanvi Ram, Sshivada, Gauthami Nair and others
Music: Nobin Paul
DOP: Akhil George
Editor: Chaman Chakko
Producers: Venu Kunnappilly, C. K. Padma Kumar, Anto Joseph
Written and Direction: Jude Anthany Joseph
Release Date: May 26, 2023

Two films about Kerala have garnered a lot of buzz in recent weeks. The first is "The Kerala Story," which was a box office smash but also sparked a slew of controversy. The other is "2018," which depicts the 2018 floods that devastated Kerala.

Let's have a look at this film that did extremely well at the Kerala box office.

People on one side of a dam are suffering from drought and a shortage of water resources. Kerala, on the other hand, is preparing for monsoon and floods. This story takes place in 2018.

As weather reports indicate that floods are going to be witnessed, the lives of people like Ramesh (Tovino Thomas) who resigned his army job and doing odd jobs in their village, a fisherman's family (Lal, Asif Ali and Naren), a journalist (Aparna Balamurali), a couple going through marital problems (Vineet Srinivasan and Gauthami Nair), a lorry driver in Tamilnadu (Kalaiyarasan) and a government officer (Kunchako Boban) and thousands of Keralaites get affected.

The story is told through the eyes of these folks to demonstrate how disastrous the floods were and how the entire community rallied to assist the state.

Artistes’ Performances:
Tovino Thomas is fantastic as Ramesh. At the beginning of the story, he appears to be one among many, but towards the end, it is evident that he is the hero and the messiah. He plays the part so naturally. Tanvi Ram, his love interest, is beautiful.

Lal, as well Narain and Asif Ali as his two sons, play naturally. The roles of Aparna Balamurali and Kuchako Bobban seem out of place in this film. They lack adequate arcs.

Technical Excellence:
The film meets outstanding technical standards. The floods depicted in the film are as real as if they were shot during an actual flood. The visual effects, camerawork, and production design are all quite exact.

Despite a limited budget, director Jude Anthany Joseph achieved the best technical achievements. The construction of floods will undoubtedly astound you. Its strongest suit is its sound design. Throughout the film, we hear rain, which transports us to the scenario.

The gripping second half
The visual effects of floods
Sound design
Realistic portrayal

The first half
Lacks depth in some episodes

Kerala experienced terrible floods in 2018, affecting everyone, rich and poor alike. Apart from the government machinery and the Indian army, the common population banded together to help one another. The fisherman community, in particular, assisted people in reaching safer areas with their boats. Director Jude Anthany Joseph captured this engagingly in his film.

For those of us who had only seen the news on TV, this film depicts the anguish and helplessness that Keralaites felt while being stuck in the floods. Director Jude not only chronicles their suffering but also shows how ordinary people came together to support one another and became heroes themselves. It's no surprise that the film's tagline is "Everyone is a hero."

The first half of the film is somewhat dull. Even though it is less than an hour long, the two or three songs and various people's backstories become monotonous. However, it appears to be a purposeful attempt to prepare us for the storm that awaits us in the second half.

The drama is quite fascinating and, at times, highly emotional from the interval cut through the climax. We are smack dab in the thick of the flood, thanks to the sound design and the incredible technical expertise with which the floods were created.

The sequence when Tovino Thomas helps a pregnant woman board an army helicopter is handled quite effectively. There are also other well-executed sequences.

Other situations, such as Asif Ali's character trying to retrieve certificates, appear a little too dramatic. Furthermore, the agony of the special child and his family is unnecessarily prolonged. Some episodes felt like they needed more depth.

But the film benefits greatly from its editing, high-quality visual effects, and excellent cinematography. The cinematic recreation of a horrific tragedy and the humanity displayed by the individuals make this a good watch.

Overall, despite a sluggish opening hour, "2018" effectively recreates the floods that devastated Kerala in 2018 and showcases the people who became heroes by helping one another. The film has several emotional moments and is technically accomplished. It's well worth watching.

Bottom line: Watch it


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