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Manasuku Nacchindi Overseas by Trendy Cinemas

Manasuku Nacchindi Overseas by Trendy Cinemas

Children are happy all the time because they listen to their hearts. As adults, majority of us are struck in jobs we don’t like, perceiving materialistic comforts and ultimately leading lives we don’t feel contempt. Sometimes, it’s the fear of failure that stops us from moving forward. But, how can we conquer our fears? 

Every person is born on this planet with a unique purpose and special skill to achieve it. How do you realize your special skill and the purpose of your life if you don’t listen to your heart? 

How can we forget the rules, perceive our passion, and try to make this “World A Better Place”? 
- The only way out, just #FollowYourHeart!! 
This is the premises of “MANSUKU NACHINDI”, Directorial debut of Manjula Ghattameni featuring the most talented Sundeep Kishan, Amyra Dastur and Tridha Choudhury. This film is a deep love story and beyond, a joint venture of prestigious Indira Productions (“Ye Maya Chesave”) and Anandi Arts (“Nuvvu Nenu”). 

The recently released Teaser & Trailer of the film that looked breezy and ultra cool was loved by millennials and has been shared widely across the social media platforms. 

Click Here!! for the Trailer.

The stunning visuals were shot by Ravi Yadav, who worked on lot of Bollywood films and he left no stone unturned to make sure every frame in the teaser looks like a painting. Radhan is scoring the tunes for the film and dialogues are by the witty Sai Madhav Burra. 

Overall, the movie promises to surely strike a chord with audience since it’s a personal film for the director who is making a very honest attempt with her first feature that speaks the mind of young & old and well supported by the entire cast & crew behind this production. Stay tuned for other exciting promo material of the film coming your way on social media. 

Trendy Cinemas, an overseas distribution company, known to bring new age films to movie lovers in overseas is excited about this very special film #ManasukuNachindi and can’t wait to bring it in front of the audiences this Year. 

Overseas Premieres on 15th Feb 2018. 


Thanks to Sanjay Swarup garu & Gemini Kiran garu for giving us this great opportunity to join hands with this beautiful film. 

If you are interested to exhibit this film in your locations, feel free to reach out to us at

Call or What’s App:
Daya @ 862-251-1514 

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