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Chalo Creating Sensation In Overseas

Chalo Creating Sensation In Overseas

Young hero Naga Shourya is creating a sensation in Overseas with his much-excited film 'Chalo'.

The film opened with good premiere gross and continues to do excellent with strong positive mouth talk.

The Audiences are enjoying the comedy part and his good chemistry with sizzling beauty Rashmika Mandanna has turned out well.

#Chalo Saturday reported gross $192,621 [96 locs] and total gross $420,161

In recent times no films attracted the audience with good comedy timing, now 'Chalo' filled that gap with hilarious punches.

Critics applauded the film with good reviews and rating. It is running with houseful collections across its release centers in Overseas and surprisingly the film getting the repetitive audience.

We Sarigama Cinemas are very happy to announce that extra theatres and shows are added across Overseas on demand.

We 'Chalo' Overseas distributor Sarigama Cinemas express our heartfelt thanks to the audience who always proved that they will encourage good films.

And we also convey our sincere Thanks to media for enormous support and cheering the good content films.



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