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Shiva Repeats At Glass House!

Shiva Repeats At Glass House!

Time changed but not memories. Ram Gopal Varma made a sensational entry into Indian cinema with Shiva long way back with Nagarjuna.

The film has set new technical benchmarks and stood an inspiration for many film makers to follow the modern path.

After 28 years, King Nag and maverick RGV united again to dictate new terms for Indian cinema as this new production from RGV’s Company will be officially launched on 20th November at Glass House in Annapurna Studios.

Following the sentiment, RGV’s mother will sound the clap board at same location where Shiva began its shooting with the clap board from RGV’s father on that eventual day.

Akkineni Nagarjuna and Ram Gopal Varma, can’t you sense the positive vibes…


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