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Shankar Follows Hit Sentiment For 2 Countries

Shankar Follows Hit Sentiment For 2 Countries

For all those doubtful on Sunil’s career going completely out of track, here is the latest update about his new film in N Shankar direction.

Remade from Malayalam film 2 Countries of Dilip and Mamta Mohan Das, we are officially informed that Telugu version is also titled 2 Countries as N Shankar clearly wants to go with hit sentiment.

2 Countries finished its production and post production is all set for December release. N Shankar known for decent hits Jai Bolo Telangana, Sri Ramulayya, Bhadrachalam, Jayam Manadera has produced 2 Countries on his home banner of Mahalakshmi Arts.

While Manisha Raj played heroine besides Sunil, it’s the music from Gopi Sunder to be looked for. Hope, all the hopes Sunil pinned on 2 Countries come alive with a hit.


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