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Samantha's Comment On '1-Nenokkadine' Poster?

Samantha's Comment On '1-Nenokkadine' Poster?

On the bright side, heroine Samantha is known as the golden leg for Tollywood and the number one heroine. But on the flip side, she has also become noted for blurting out things through her twitter profile. This time, it appears that Samantha has revealed her thoughts on the poster of the film ‘1-Nenokkadine’.

Her tweet goes like this - Saw a poster of a yet to be released Telugu film. Not only is it deeply regressive, but it's point is actually that it is deeply regressive.

Those who saw this tweet are stating that she is referring to ‘Nenokkadine’s poster where the actress is seen crawling behind Mahesh Babu on the beach like a dog. The idea behind designing the poster like that was to do something maverick but the reactions from many have not been that positive.

Small rounds of talk were happening here and there but after Samantha’s comment, the discussion has picked up strongly across various discussion forums on the internet and outside. We have to see if this grows to become a storm or fizzle out in a while.