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Pics: Shriya Rocking The RED Carpet

Shriya was recently spotted attending SIIMA 2017 - an award festival dedicated to honouring young talent of short film cinema of all South Indian languages-Telugu, Tamil, Kannada & Malayalam. For the event, the actress pushed out the big guns.

For the first day, the actress picked an off-the-runway Manish Malhotra gown. A signature style - modestly sheer and flanked with more flowers than a statuesque frame can take - the gown was nothing out of the ordinary, yet served the brief with the kind of sincerity that most MM gowns are known to.

That Bollywood actresses have sported similar styles in the past may or may not have worked against this look.

Also, if the colour already didn't wash the actress out enough, the generous use of bronzer ensured that there was no room for any salvation.

The next look, the actress chose a gown by Esha Sethi Therani.

Featuring waist cutouts, the gown looked like an assemblage of a 90s bustier, a body-hugging skirt and a cape, probably attached last minute to add to the grandeur of the outfit.


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