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Pic: Telugu Actress Shows Her Spicy Side

Pic: Telugu Actress Shows Her Spicy Side

There has been a complaint that Telugu cinema industry doesn’t encourage local talent especially for female lead roles.

Eesha Rebba is one of the few Telugu actresses that got busy in Tollywood industry in recent times.

Like many Telugu actresses Eesha also took the conservative route and restricted herself to non-glam roles.

However, the actress is now showing signs of establishing herself as glam goddess. Eesha’s picture in swimwear has taken her followers by surprise.

Eesha never tried to reveal the spicy side of hers even on her social media pages. The conservative girl posting a picture where she is relaxing in a pool has been getting thumping response from followers.

Although Eesha didn’t reveal much in the picture, she has definitely broken some shackles to post this one. Looks like it is the beginning of an Eesha we haven’t seen till now.


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