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Pic Talk: Graceful Gautham Nanda

Pic Talk: Graceful Gautham Nanda

Gopichand decorous first look from director Sampath Nandi’s new film is unveiled. Makers have also officially announced the title Gautham Nanda.

Never in career Gopichand has tried to experiment with looks and styling. For the very first time, he had a new hair style with short stubble beard.

The fashionable costume with a simple tee, trouser and blazer looks casually different and modish. The luxurious helicopter and rich Bangkok backdrop reveals on lavish production values.

Director Sampath Nandi took extreme personal care in Gopichand’s makeover. He made vast groundwork studying and observing the up-to-date contemporary hair styles before locking one.

His efforts paid off and Gautham Nanda’s machismo first look is getting a spellbound response. Tagline, a journey into the self is also capable of holding the interest.


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