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Pic: Priyanka's 'leggy' reply to haters

Pic: Priyanka's 'leggy' reply to haters

Actress Priyanka Chopra met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin on Tuesday. The 34-year-old actress is currently promoting her debut Hollywood film Baywatch in Berlin and attended the premiere in the night. 

Priyanka's meeting with PM Modi received criticism on social media as Twitter thought that the actress 'wasn't properly dressed to meet a national leader.' 

"Priyanka, you were sitting with the Prime Minister of our country. You should have at least had the basic sense of covering your legs," read one of the comments. 

However, Priyanka Chopra seems unperturbed and wrote a cryptic message on Instagram. 

"Legs for days... #itsthegenes with @madhuchopra nights out in #Berlin," she captioned an image of herself with her mother. 

In the picture, Priyanka looks chic in a slit denim dress while her mother wears a short skirt.


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