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Pic: Pawan Kalyan on Top of a Bicycle

Pic: Pawan Kalyan on Top of a Bicycle

We all know cycle is symbol of Telugu Desam party. Looks like Pawan Kalyan wants to make his intentions clear to one and all.

He has been lending support to Telugu Desam party from 2014 and it seems he will also be extending his party Jana Sena's support to the ruling TDP in 2019 general elections as well, as per the political gossip goes.

Now that this brand new poster has come out, people have started stressing this more.

In this new poster that declares the date of teaser launch, Pawan Kalyan is seen sitting on top of a bicycle and is raring to go.

It must be a straight picture from the scene from the film but Telugu folks have started connecting the dots.

Just before the 2009 elections, NTR Jr did similar feat in the film 'Kantri'. Now is Pawan Kalyan doing the same in 'Agnyaathavaasi'?


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