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Pic: Daring and Bold Amala Paul Stuns Everyone

Pic: Daring and Bold Amala Paul Stuns Everyone

Amala Paul who has maintained a conservative image on screen has now pushed the envelope. She stunned everyone with the first look of her upcoming film Aadai.

Injured Amala covering herself with nothing but tissue paper in Aadai first look poster took everyone by shock and surprise.

It looks like a rape and revenge horror film, the genre that is very popular in Hollywood. The poster of Aadai gives the vibes of ‘I Spit on Your Grave’.

Amala is hoping the film to give her the much needed break as an actress and earn an entirely new image on screen.

Arrogant Audacious Artistic is the tagline for the film directed by Rathnakumar of Meyadhamaan fame. We have to wait and watch whether Aadai sets a new trend in Indian cinema. 


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