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Pic: Anushka's Figure Still Looks the Same

Pic: Anushka's Figure Still Looks the Same

There have been reports that Anushka has slimmed down drastically but truth is that she is far from svelte avatar.

She was recently spotted at producer Shyam Prasad Reddy's daughter's wedding. Those who have seen her in real say she is almost the same as she was few months ago. Not much difference to her overall physique.

Although Anushka has been trying to slim down with various methods, nothing is working out for her.

She tried yoga, gymming and international weight loss methods. With all these, she reportedly lost just 5 or 6 kgs.

Anushka put on weight heavily when she tried to gain flab for the role of "Size Zero". Since then she has been trying to lose all that but in vein.

Anushka doesn't want to resort to surgery or other medical methods due to hormonal issues. 


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