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pHOTo: Shrewd and Superglam!

pHOTo: Shrewd and Superglam!

Shraddha Das is arguably one of the most glamorous actresses in South cinema. Sadly Shraddha couldn’t make it big in the film industry in spite of her glamour and willingness to appear in skimpy costumes. However, she is still hanging in there with a few offers on hand.

She is currently starring in a Telugu – Kannada bilingual titled Udgarsha directed by Sunil Kumar Desai. Shraddha says she plays a shrewd and superglam character in the film.

She gives a glimpse of her avatar from the backstage of the Ugarsha sets. She admits it is a challenge to mouth Telugu and Kannada lines back to back but apparently enjoying it.

“Playing a Shrewd and Superglam character for this Kannada-telugu bilingual Udgarsha directed by Sunil kumar desai..it is a challenge to mouth Kannada and Telugu lines back to back..but having fun #kannada #telugu #bilingualandlovingit #lahariresorts #hyderabad #gratitude” Shraddha wrote on her Insta page.


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