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Photo Feature: Sensuous And Innovative!

Raai Laxmi started out in her career on camera by modelling for a few advertisements. She started out in a Nescafe advertisement where she looked demure and homely. But the actress has totally become the sex symbol of South cinema in general and Kollywood in particular.

So it is no surprise that she has been cast to play the lead in the sequel of the steamy movie Julie, titled Julie 2. A new poster of this exciting movie has been unveiled.

This poster is not as hot as the first look, but is really innovative. It depicts the actress lying on a beach in a bikini, her body covered in sand. But her face has been cropped from the picture. Instead there is a magazine called Movie on the actress’s body, which shows her face.

Kudos to the Julie 2 to for coming up with such a different poster. This poster shows that you can experiment with your movie’s look without compromising on hotness and sensuality.


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