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Photo Feature: Hotness Alert!

Photo Feature: Hotness Alert!

Jacqueline Fernandez is a happy soul and in the past year she has had many reasons to smile too.

She has kept busy with back-to-back releases and now that the year is drawing to an end, she has set off on a vacation with her family in Bali.

Yes, Jacky is an island girl and her choice of holiday spot hasn’t really surprised us. After all what can be better than chilling by the beach with your loved ones by your side?

But while she is chilling, she has set the temperatures soaring with her hot pictures. Yes, Jacqueline chose to own the beach wearing a fluorescent yellow monokini and we can’t imagine her looking any hotter.

With that hot bod and long legs, it is obvious that the actress would want to flaunt it and what better what better way than to sport beachwear. Not only is she looking her best, she is also having the time of her life while there.


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