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Photo Feature: Did You Notice Her?

Photo Feature: Did You Notice Her?

Sonam Kapoor has finally made her way to Nice airport. After spending time in sunny London, Neerja actress has arrived down south to be part of movie and fashion extravaganza at the French Riviera.

As brand ambassador of L'Oreal, Sonam will walk the red carpet at 69th Cannes Film Festival like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has.

Sonam announced her arrival in style and, by god, the message is clear. We need to get ready to see some brilliant, sartorial choices on display at the red carpet.

Sonam wore an Anamika Khanna dress for her flight from London to Nice. This is levels above the 'Travel Chic' we generally spot her wearing while catching flights from Mumbai back home.


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