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Oops! Team Saaho Caught Copying

Oops! Team Saaho Caught Copying

First look poster of Saaho has been aesthetically designed without revealing complete look of handsome hunk Prabhas. It is more like a poster tease but has enough intrigue to keep the viewers interested.

However, director Sujeeth failed to come up with innovative poster concept as the first look of Saaho is brutally copied from recently released Hollywood film poster Blade Runner 2049.

Prabhas attire, face mask and the posture including the smoky background has been lifted from the poster.

Blade Runner 2049 is a popular Hollywood film and the plagiarism act from team Saaho has been exposed within minutes on the social media.

Team Saaho should have taken care about the first look design as Saaho going for pan India release. Such copy cat acts may belittle the film and give a wrong impression for film lovers across the nation.


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