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Kirrak Party First Look: Nikhil As College Leader

Kirrak Party is the title finalized for young and happening hero Nikhil’s latest flick which is remake of Kannada super hit Kirik Party. 

In the vibrant and celebration kind first look poster of Kirrak Party released just a while ago, Nikhil can be seen carried on their shoulders by group of friends in college campus.

Nikhil’s flexis in the background hint that he is playing a student leader in the campus romantic comedy film directed by Sharan Koppisetty and produced by Ramabrahmam Sunkara of AK Entertainments.

Nikhil looks handsome with grown mustaches and beard. After experimenting with different subjects, he opted to a film based in college campus. So far, 70 per cent of the shoot is done.

Interesting factor is Nikhil’s close friend and successful director Chandoo Mondeti has penned dialogues for the film, while his other friend Sudheer Varma wrote screenplay.


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