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Hot Actress Trolled For Social Media Pic

Hot Actress Trolled For Social Media Pic

Actress Ameesha Patel took a top spot on Tuesday's trends list after she was trolle for sharing two pictures on Instagram from her shoot.

In the comments thread some Twitter users seemed interested to learn about her upcoming project while the others slut-shamed her.

Most comments are too vile to be reproduced here. Some Instagram users also felt entitled to give Ameesha suggestions like: "Do not post this kind of photos, it doesn't suit your personality" while some users highlighted her age and said: "Marry soon."

Last year, she snubbed actress Pooja Hegde, who debuted opposite Hrithik Rohan in the ill-fated Mohenjo Daro, saying: "I'm sorry that Mohenjo Daro didn't do well, and the plan was to come with a newcomer, but every film cannot achieve the same success as Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai."

Before that it was reported by mid-day that she flipped out at a journalist who called her by her name, saying, "Call me Ameesha ji."


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