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First Look: Welcome Our Greatest Telugu Emperor

First Look: Welcome Our Greatest Telugu Emperor

Balakrishna's prestigious 100th film Gautamiputra Satakarni first look is released. The untouched and unsung story of the greatest ruler of Deccan plateau is here presented by director Krish. 

This first look exclusively presented Balakrishna in best of his getups till date in the extensive career. The ferocity in messianic eyes with a drop down twirled moustache stood an epitome of Satavahana royalty. The decorative detailing went into designing of costumes and additional appendages are worth to be appreciated for the work from styling and art department.

Nevertheless, Balayya cannot be a complete hero without a lion personifying his character. Raja Simhasanam design is also truly prodigious.

Satakarni first straight look has not only stood on par in excellence with historical Satavahana grandeur but will also hike the expectations for first teaser coming up as Vijaya Dasami present to audience. Welcome the greatest emperors of our Telugu history.


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