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First Look: Nagarjuna as Ram Gopal Varma's Officer

First Look: Nagarjuna as Ram Gopal Varma's Officer

The much awaited first look of #NagRGV4 is here. The film is titled Officer and the first look poster shows Nagarjuna holding a gun with an intense expression on his face.

Poster design and the color pattern used give it a rugged look and indicate the mood of the film.

This is definitely not the best looks of Nagarjuna in recent times. The natural glow and glamour in the ever green actor’s face is totally missing.

Even the photos from the film that were released before had shown Nagarjuna in a de-glam look.

Is it intentional or is it because of typical RGV’s camera angles? First look poster has RGV’s stamp all over it right from the way the photo is captured to the way it was designed.

We have to wait for the promos to see whether it is different from RGV’s recent outings or does it brings back the vintage genius in him.

Officer release is locked for May 25, 2018.


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