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First Look: Bala Krishna In Jai SIMHA

First Look: Bala Krishna In Jai SIMHA

Nandamuri Balakrishna’s NBK102 Jai Simha first look is out. Directed by KS Ravi Kumar and produced by C Kalyan, both title and first look are grippingly designed.

Into his basics, Balayya looked aggressive catching a Lathi on hand without missing the grace. With NTR’s statue in the backdrop, there’s a clue on clear political touch for the film.

Yellow color and title logo of Jai Simha more or less resembled Boyapati’s Simha to an extent which should be taken on positive stride for the lucky sentiment of Balakrishna with Simha title.  

KS Ravi Kumar is a genius at directing content rich stories. Jai Simha is considered as a special film for Balakrishna treated indifferently from his regular heroic acts without missing the commerciality.

The film is set for grand release on January 12 next year as Sankranti special.


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