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Exclusive: First Look Of Nani's Production Awe

Exclusive: First Look Of Nani's Production Awe

Actor Nani is launching his first movie as producer shortly. First look poster of the film will be launched officially in a while.

We are exclusively unveiling the first look of 'Awe' presented by Nani for our visitors. The poster is a simplistic design like ots title.

Awe is written in a coffee cup and there is Bhagavadgita beside it. There is a gun wrapped in a newspaper.

There is an interesting tagline reading "Prapancham lo nenu Naaloni prapancham". Directed by Prashanth Varma, the film is produced by Prasanthi Tripirneni.

Awe features Nitya Menen, Srinivas Avasarala, Regina and Kajal Agarwal in a special role. 


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