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Allu Arjun Desperate to Get Popularity At National Level

Allu Arjun Desperate to Get Popularity At National Level

With Prabhas emerging as bigger star than some of biggest Bollywood stars and with Ram Charan and NTR poised to get bigger market after their Rajamouli's next film, Allu Arjun is feeling the heat.

The stylish star has recently hired Mumbai based PR agency to promote him in national magazines.

Allu Arjun has dedicated PR team in Hyderabad but now he wants this Mumbai PR agency to do the entire image building at national level.

The team has already begun work and made him feature in Maxim magazine recently.

He is also planning to release "Naa Peru Surya" in Hindi, Bhojpuri and Bengali languages to get market. Since the subject is laced with patriotism, he believes this will ring with everyone in India.

Allu Arjun and his father Allu Aravind have tried to influence Rajamouli to take him in his next film but the top director didn't budge and went ahead to sign Ram Charan and NTR as heroes.

As "Naa Peru Surya" is readying up for release this summer, he is upping the PR activity in Mumbai and Hindi magazines.


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