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Agnyaathavaasi = Attharintiki Daaredi?

Agnyaathavaasi = Attharintiki Daaredi?

Looks like director Trivikram has just repeated what he has done in his earlier blockbuster “Atthrintiki Daaredi” for the upcoming release “Agnyaathavaasi”.

Fans and movie lovers have already pointed out many similarities between “Agnyaathavaasi” and “Atthrintiki Daaredi”.

Here are some snapshots from the teaser of “Agnyaathavaasi” that just remind us some shots in “Attharintiki Daaredi”.

The classical dance bit in the beginning, Pawan Kalyan’s style of namaskaram and sitting, and romantic sequences… almost like Xerox copy of the earlier movie. From shot composition to mannerisms, they are exactly the same.

In just one-minute teaser, people have found nearly half a dozen similarities. Is it sequel to “Atthrintiki Daaredi”?

Despite this, the teaser has become the most-viewed teaser among Telugu movies and is fast gaining millions of views. 


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