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'You Are Not Dil Raju, But Kill Raju'

'You Are Not Dil Raju, But Kill Raju'

Sankranthi film fight is not limited only to box office, but also came onto the roads. 

Karthikeya Distributors owner Warangal Srinivas has blasted Dil Raju and lamented about his conquering acts. 

In his words, Warangal Srinivas said, "I came to industry with lot of passion and settled as a distributor. I released many successful films in Naizam area. Now my new film Krack is making good collections in almost all the theatres with housefuls. At this moment, Dil Raju has forcibly removed my film to give place to his three new films Master, Alludu Adurs and Red. 

A movement should come up from the distributors side like that of Indian Independence Movement. Otherwise, this tyranny cannot be controlled. 

You are not Dil Raju, but should be called Kill Raju. You are killing the prospects of many other fellow distributors like me. 

Industry people should have 'live and let live' nature. When we approach and question, he is insulting us with words like "yera", "pora" "vaadu" and "veedu". 

Dil Raju is also a distributor like me. There is no reason for him to feel bigger. We will show our might". 

Osmania University's student leader Sampath Naik also supported Warangal Srinivas and warned Dil Raju of further movement in this matter. 

We have to see how Dil Raju responds and where this tussle ends.

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